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Anti-vaxxers are already killing children

Kathryn Riffenburg decided on a closed casket for her baby’s funeral.

She didn’t want her family to see what whooping cough, her son’s first illness, had done to 9-week-old Brady Alcaide. The nearly forgotten disease, which has in recent years afflicted thousands of Americans, left Brady’s tiny body swollen and unrecognizable.

So his mother dressed him in a white baptismal suit and hat and tucked him into a tiny white casket. Brady’s burial came just four weeks after his first laugh — inspired by her version of I’m a Little Teapot — and two weeks after his family learned that he had contracted a vaccine-preventable illness.

Yamiche Alcindor - USA Today

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From a friend on Facebook…

Talking to a guy from NYC about Cosmos:

"Oh, yeah, that’s the one narrated by Morgan Freeman!"
“No, this is hosted by Neil deGrasse Tyson.”
“Who? No, it’s Morgan Freeman!”
“We must be talking about two different shows. Cosmos has Neil deGrasse Tyson.”
“No, it’s Morgan Freeman! I seen it! Cosmos, with Morgan Freeman!”
“No, it’s not Morgan Freeman. You’re thinking of something else.”
“Well, anyway, that part where he talks about universes inside black holes, I think it was Freud who first discovered that.”
—- profound, thoughtful silence —-

Hank Fox

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The problem today is that progressives believe the ballot box is where change is made, when in fact it is where change is consolidated. Organize on the ground to demand the change desired and the money can be overcome. But if you think a social movement is buying ad time on television or the right kind of media messaging, that’s a game that progressives are never going to win.

Erik Loomis / Lawyers Guns and Money (blog)
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Arizona police departments didn’t arrest enough people…

…so Arizona Republicans decided to gift the prison company that got “shorted” a cool $1 million.

And if you think there’s something wrong with that, you hate freedom.

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